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Nice Job

Awesome job with this. You definitely keep getting better with animating and drawing. It's looking really nice.

Great job to Francine. The singing definitely sounded a little bit unenergized at times, which is completely understandable, but the lyrics were absolutely great. I can't really think of a game you missed. Video game references out the wazoo. Very clever lyrics and ending was absolutely fantastic.

FaltaViva responds:

Thanks man, and I'm sure Frankie would thank you too if she were on, you need to get back in the VA scene man! (Unless you already are, I need to get back into that scene myself >_>)

Great artwork.

I love your drawing and animation style. I think it really stands out. Overall, I think this was very well drawn. I'm not much of a Street Fighter fan, so I can't really say how good of a parody it is. The main reason I didn't give it a 10 is because it was so short.

I think you could make some great stuff, I can't wait to see what your next project is :)

Not too bad

Overall, I can tell that you put a lot of work into the animation, and it turned out pretty good, but I have some advice.

1) Subtle animations, like a head moving while talking, or using a blur in certain situations, really makes an animation come to life. Making the characters move more while they are talking, having a sunset in the desert, really small, unnoticeable things make the animation a lot better overall. You should try to involve those more in your animations.

2) Since the majority of the animation was audio-heavy, you should have made the voicing more energetic, and which have more variety. Also, the microphone quality was fairly bad. I would suggest getting voice actors for something like this, there are plenty of places to find them on the internet for free.

3) Try not to use shape tweens. They look very cheesy.

Other than that it was some pretty good animation with a good lesson behind it. Good job! :)

djbiscool responds:

Thanks for the advise. We had to use a rock band microphone which was why the quality was so bad and we wanted to get it on newgrounds by tomorrow which is why I shape tweened some things instead of doing frame by frame

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It's ok

But these kind of games are usually preloader games, not games in themselves. I would also suggest disabliling forward and play, because you can cheat with those.

Very nice.

I love this. It's amazingly done, especially the coding. How it got under 5 MB is beyond me. Great job, and can't wait to see more from you.

OK for a first try

OK, it was a good concept, but the scripting made it really hard to do anything.

Graphics: They were ok character designs. In the part with the bed in the first scene, it looked like the bed was almost on it's side, and during the specials, you have

Sound: It needed WAY more music and sound effects. All RPG's need backround music for when they walk around, fight music, and cutscene music. You only had 1. Also, it could definitely use voice actors.

Coding: OK, this needed a TON of work. First off, in the first scene, I could bareley walk outside. Also, it was really annoying having to click the text instead of just a box to do something, especially when the text is so small. So yea, a lot to work out. Also, it's really really really hard. Might want to get some beta-testers next time.

So, in short, you need to work a lot harder on the coding, but I would definitely like to see this after you've fixed all of the major problems with it, because it seems like a really original idea.

pepijn-claus responds:

Thanks, i know the part with the bed wasn't great.
About the sounds: In the beginning, there was a lot of sounds in the game, but the file was to big.
There was also voice actors for Pippin, Tristan and Splinter, but then there was a bug in the game:
Pippin did everything automatically when he was fighting the devil. I've removed the bug, and also the voice actors.

The coding: I've only used loops and gotoandplays, no actionscripts.
I will try to use actionscripts in part 2.
I know you can walk outside, but it was to difficult to delete that bug.

They were two testers, and one of them said also that it was really hard, if you need help: Go to "Diagram" (in the main menu), it will help you!

In part 2, there will be voice actors and more sounds in the game, thanks for your review!

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Do you even know what blues is? That, my friend, is very far from Blues. This is more like the opening to Mr. Rogers than anything else.

Great Job

This was awesome, I really liked the beggining part of this. The singers voice is a little raspy at times, but everything else is awesome. I'm using this in my Flash later on. I hope you guys like it.


That would definitely be awesome in a fantasy RPG like Final Fantasy. Have you considered composing video game music?

midnightstealthxp responds:

yep, actually I have acouple in my profile already :p

Hey there everyone. I'm a voice actor. Look at my favorites list for some roles I've been in. Visit my website for my resume, demo's, etc.

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